• Value Packs - Bundle of 3 - Nespresso® Compatible

Value Packs - Bundle of 3 - Nespresso® Compatible

The perfect bundle for frequent coffee drinkers and for corporate requirements. Get 300 capsules in 3 different varieties:

African Blend Organic: Taking the best of Africa, creating a unique and exotic coffee experience, this rich and complex espresso, delivers a full-bodied, well-rounded fruity flavor, with a lingering aftertaste. 
Dark roast espresso; Intensity - 8/10

African Blend: This blend of premium, African Arabica beans creates a smooth, rich flavor with well-rounded acidity and citrus overtones.
Medium roast espresso; Intensity - 6/10

Ugandan Organic: From the East Central Highlands this exotic, bold coffee is rich and intense and best enjoyed as a lungo (long coffee), perfect as an Americano or Cappuccino.
Medium Roast lungo; Intensity - 7/10

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