Specialty Coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Grinding Level: Beans
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Cup Of Excellence

Notes: Balanced cup with awakening aromas, brightness tangled with berry notes.

Variety: Arabica Typica

Processing Method: Washed

Region: Jamaica

Elevation: 1700 - 2300 m. Volcanic loam 

Net Weight: 250g

Roasting Profile: 

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In the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica grows the world’s finest coffee. At elevations higher than 2,000 feet above sea level, the rich soil and continuous rainfall combine to create conditions perfect for cultivating the world’s most distinguished brew, Wallenford® Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee.

Famous for its rarity, perfect flavour, intense aroma, and balanced taste, this unique coffee soothes the spirit and satisfies the soul.

Matthew Wallen, a Captain in the British Navy, sailed into Jamaica in 1746 and, soon after, pursued his greater passion as a Botanist. Dedicated to his craft, he recorded over 400 varieties of ferns and grew coffee in the Blue Mountains. In this area, the home of Wallenford® Farm, dedicated farmers have cultivated Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee for over 250 years.

The Coffee Souq Jamacia Blue

The agronomy stage of coffee production involves the farming, nurturing, and reaping coffee cherries. Our farmers are experienced, highly trained, and equipped with the proper tools and techniques to produce the best cherries for processing. Our plants are grown under the natural conditions of the Blue Mountains and High Mountains, which provide excellent cloud cover and rainfall. When harvesting, our pickers are diligent in selecting only the ripest cherries for processing.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Upon receipt of the coffee cherries from our farms and local farmers, the coffee processing begins at the Pulpery. At this stage, the pulp (outer skin of cherries) is mechanically removed from the beans. After pulping, the beans are washed to remove the mucilage (a slippery sap surrounding the beans) and immediately transported to our Finishing Plant for further processing.

At the Finishing Plant, the wet parchment (washed beans) are sun-dried on concrete slabs for three to five days to reduce the moisture content to below 45%, thereafter, they are transferred to rotary dryers for further drying. After the beans are dried to our acceptable standards, they are placed in silos for resting over a period of eight to ten weeks for perfect aging.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

The next stage in the processing is hulling or polishing, where the husk is removed from the beans. After that, the beans are graded according to size and density and are categorized as number ones, twos, threes, and peaberries (a single bean from a cherry). The beans are then sorted by machines to remove defective beans and contrasting colours. Further sorting is done manually by our hand pickers to remove any defects which were not removed from electrical sorting. The beans are then packaged in 60kg burlap bags for storage.

Jamaica Blue Mountain


Light roast: Roasted to before the first “crack,” Light roasts retain a remarkable amount of their origin flavors and aromas. They have a light brown-tan color, lacks oil on the roasted beans and have the highest acidity (the good kind).

Medium roast: Roasted to just before the second “crack”, medium roasts have a balanced taste and are considered to be the most common roast. They are darker brown in color than a light roast and look richer.

Dark roast: Roasted to the second crack and beyond, dark roasts have a smoky, bitter taste. The flavor comes from the roasting process. They are dark brown, sometimes almost black, in color.

Espresso: Espresso is a brewing method and the name of the produced beverage. Any type of beans and any level of roast can be used to make an espresso.

Ristretto: means limited in Italian. It is made from the same amount of ground coffee as an espresso but with a reduced brew time. The result is a smaller espresso with a concentrated flavor, thick texture and usually strong aftertaste.

Lungo: means long in Italian so it is a long espresso produced by letting the extraction continue for more than 30 secs. It is the exact opposite of Ristretto, because here you’re using more water to pull the shot of espresso.

Americano: A long black (aka “Americano”) is hot water with an espresso shot extracted on top of the hot water.

Cappuccino: A cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink traditionally prepared with frothed milk and also flavored with chocolate powder.

Latte: An espresso-based coffee with hot steamed milk, very similar to cappuccino but milkier than a cappuccino.

Macchiato: It is made by adding espresso to steamed milk. The distinguishing mark of a Macchiato is the “macchia” or mark on top that shows that espresso has been added. 

A single origin coffee is made of coffee beans from the same farm or the same country of origin. Each “single origin” at our store is exclusively and genuinely composed (100%) of coffees coming from a single country of origin and even limited regions that offer unique profiles.

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