Specialty Coffee, Guatemala Finca El Pinal – Geisha, Royal Excellence Collection

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Notes: Rosewater, Lychee and Peach 

Variety: Arabica Geisha

Processing Method: Traditional Washed 

Elevation: 1450 m. – 1500 m.

Region: Monjas, Jalapa Department, Guatemala

Net Weight: 250g

Roasting Profile: 

Suitable for: 


This is a traditional washed Gesha from Jalapa, Guatemala, produced by Inmer Abel Valladares Rodríguez on Finca Linda Vista, a sub-farm of El Pinal y Anexos.

The flavor profile is gentle yet complex and evokes notes of Rosewater, Lychee and Peach 


Inmer Abel Valladares Rodríguez was involved with coffee production as a consultant for 20 years prior to managing a farm himself, which he finally did in 1998. Since then,  his work has been extremely successful. In addition to Geisha, El Pinal y Anexos produces Pacamara, Maracaturra, and Pacas, and its coffee has scored over 88 points in recent Cup of Excellence competitions.

 El Pinal y Anexos is a 48-hectare estate divided into 12-hectare individual farms, each of which produces and sells under their own name. As a whole, the four single farms are processed centrally and managed by the same 90-110 person team that Inmer oversees each harvest. Finca Linda Vista is one of the sub-farms, and is the source of this Geisha lot that we tasted and bought for the first time this year.

 Since its founding, El Pinal y Anexos has been a family affair, with everyone participating in some way in picking, processing, quality control, drying or storage management. Cherry selection in the field follows a strict Brix meter minimum of 18-20% (a Brix meter is a refractometer for fruit, reading sugar content as a percentage of total liquid tested).  After picking, cherry is transported to the estate’s processing site where it is de-pulped and fermented overnight, and then transferred to one of many segmented spaces on the estate’s patio, or, in the case of special preparations like this lot, dried on raised beds inside a greenhouse for 12-16 days. Tasting this coffee is an utter delight.

The Geisha cultivar itself may have a strong reputation and a consistent expression when grown in Panama or Colombia, but elsewhere in the Americas it often struggles to fulfill buyers’ expectations in florality, sweetness, or cup structure.  Many people plant it, hype it, and many do receive great prices for the pedigree alone. We were extremely impressed by this specimen from Inmer’s farm, and felt it deserved a wide audience as a Guatemala Geisha. It is beautiful, subtle, and brings many of the hallmark character we have learned to expect from the cultivar. We are tasting honeycomb, jasmine and rose water, and an open cup structure with lingering vanilla and citrus zest. It is unmistakably a Geisha—a rare and successful expression coming from Guatemala, and moreover from a lesser-known department.


Light roast: Roasted to before the first “crack,” Light roasts retain a remarkable amount of their origin flavors and aromas. They have a light brown-tan color, lacks oil on the roasted beans and have the highest acidity (the good kind).

Medium roast: Roasted to just before the second “crack”, medium roasts have a balanced taste and are considered to be the most common roast. They are darker brown in color than a light roast and look richer.

Dark roast: Roasted to the second crack and beyond, dark roasts have a smoky, bitter taste. The flavor comes from the roasting process. They are dark brown, sometimes almost black, in color.

Espresso: Espresso is a brewing method and the name of the produced beverage. Any type of beans and any level of roast can be used to make an espresso.

Ristretto: means limited in Italian. It is made from the same amount of ground coffee as an espresso but with a reduced brew time. The result is a smaller espresso with a concentrated flavor, thick texture and usually strong aftertaste.

Lungo: means long in Italian so it is a long espresso produced by letting the extraction continue for more than 30 secs. It is the exact opposite of Ristretto, because here you’re using more water to pull the shot of espresso.

Americano: A long black (aka “Americano”) is hot water with an espresso shot extracted on top of the hot water.

Cappuccino: A cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink traditionally prepared with frothed milk and also flavored with chocolate powder.

Latte: An espresso-based coffee with hot steamed milk, very similar to cappuccino but milkier than a cappuccino.

Macchiato: It is made by adding espresso to steamed milk. The distinguishing mark of a Macchiato is the “macchia” or mark on top that shows that espresso has been added. 

A single origin coffee is made of coffee beans from the same farm or the same country of origin. Each “single origin” at our store is exclusively and genuinely composed (100%) of coffees coming from a single country of origin and even limited regions that offer unique profiles.

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