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PachaMama was already the term for mother earth with the Incas.
We gave our highland coffee this name because it expresses the appreciation we have for the soil on which it grows and the people who grow and care for it.

PachaMama 100% organic Arabica gourmet coffee is cultivated by around 50 cafetaleros from the village of Miguel Grau. It belongs to the Chanchamayo region, one of the best coffee-growing areas in Peru.

The cultivation of the soil at an altitude of approx. 1500 m is laborious, but the coffee is all the more substantial. The coffee cherries ripen more slowly, stay longer on the bush and thus develop more aromas and natural sweetness. In addition, the soil is extremely rich in nutrients.

Only the ripe, red coffee berries are picked by hand and processed.

The cooperative
Originally the cooperative was called "Miguel Grau" after the village. A lot has happened since 2015 when we contacted the Cafetaleros. We sensitized them to nature, showed them that only the best quality sells well.
We trained them and awakened their ambition, committed them to delivery reliability and gave them the money they really deserve for their work. Now they have come to the point that they want to build their own roasting plant so that they can market their coffee in Peru themselves. The business with coffee cherry tea should also be boosted.
They want to make the best coffee in Peru.
Then our customers are satisfied and the coffee farmers are doing well.

Produced according to the regulations of the EC organic regulation in controlled organic cultivation.

Country of origin



fruity, almond, chocolate

Growing region



100% arabica


Catuai, Caturra

weight 250g

1320 - 1720 m


Association Miguel Grau

Preparation recommendation

Filter coffee machine, French press, hand filter





Light roast: Roasted to before the first “crack,” Light roasts retain a remarkable amount of their origin flavors and aromas. They have a light brown-tan color, lacks oil on the roasted beans and have the highest acidity (the good kind).

Medium roast: Roasted to just before the second “crack”, medium roasts have a balanced taste and are considered to be the most common roast. They are darker brown in color than a light roast and look richer.

Dark roast: Roasted to the second crack and beyond, dark roasts have a smoky, bitter taste. The flavor comes from the roasting process. They are dark brown, sometimes almost black, in color.

Espresso: Espresso is a brewing method and the name of the produced beverage. Any type of beans and any level of roast can be used to make an espresso.

Ristretto: means limited in Italian. It is made from the same amount of ground coffee as an espresso but with a reduced brew time. The result is a smaller espresso with a concentrated flavor, thick texture and usually strong aftertaste.

Lungo: means long in Italian so it is a long espresso produced by letting the extraction continue for more than 30 secs. It is the exact opposite of Ristretto, because here you’re using more water to pull the shot of espresso.

Americano: A long black (aka “Americano”) is hot water with an espresso shot extracted on top of the hot water.

Cappuccino: A cappuccino is an espresso-based coffee drink traditionally prepared with frothed milk and also flavored with chocolate powder.

Latte: An espresso-based coffee with hot steamed milk, very similar to cappuccino but milkier than a cappuccino.

Macchiato: It is made by adding espresso to steamed milk. The distinguishing mark of a Macchiato is the “macchia” or mark on top that shows that espresso has been added. 

A single origin coffee is made of coffee beans from the same farm or the same country of origin. Each “single origin” at our store is exclusively and genuinely composed (100%) of coffees coming from a single country of origin and even limited regions that offer unique profiles.

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