• Tanzanian 10s - Nespresso® Compatible - African Collection
  • Nespresso® Compatible African Collection Tanzanian 10s

Tanzanian 10s - Nespresso® Compatible - African Collection

This intense dark roast has a balanced composition, full of nutty flavours and a smooth, lingering finish.

  • Dhs. 19.00

Two different regions characterize Tanzanian Coffee. Stretching from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to Lake Tanganyika, wet-processed coffees are found, however around Lake Victoria, the largest lake in the Southern Hemisphere, Robusta and dry-processed, “hard” Arabica coffees flourish.

Brand: Caffeluxe

Product: African Collection Tanzanian

Compatibility: Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

Roast: Medium Roast Lungo

Content: 10 capsules x 5g each

Net Weight: 50 g

Packaging: Paper Box, fully recyclable

Capsule: Plastic Capsule (recyclable) or Compostable Capsule

Intensity: 7/10

Brew Method: Lungo

Variety: Single Origin

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