• Gourmet One - Whole Beans - 500g

Gourmet One - Whole Beans - 500g

gourmet one - A top blend (100% Arabica) of selected beans from the highlands of the best coffee-growing regions, which is roasted particularly mildly. It delights with its soft taste and elegant aroma enchants the senses; Intensity – 2/5

In order to guarantee high quality, Imping only process the finest green coffee blends from the highland harvests of the best cultivation regions on earth. The precise selection of the coffee gives each individual blend its character.

All of Imping’s coffees are traditionally hand roasted in the roasting drum with great care, at low temperatures of 160° to max. 230° C. During a gentle long roasting process, lasting between 12 and 20 minutes, the coffee beans carefully develop their delicate aroma.

  • Dhs. 64.00