You asked we listened! On popular demand, we have been on the lookout for the finest coffee beans we can bring to our coffee consumers. We’re giddy with excitement as we’re launching our coffee beans range and bringing a 145-year-old coffee legacy to town! The art of composing the finest coffee comes with experience and expertise and we are proud to introduce Imping’s traditionally hand-roasted coffee to our range of products. Since the company’s foundation in 1875, Imping carries generations of comprehensive experience and high quality when it comes to the production of coffee specialties.

Responsibility and sustainability are themes that The Coffee Souq always sticks to. We live by these ideas and are convinced that only a sustainable path leads to the future; we have a responsibility for the natural resources and people involved. Through Imping, we are proud to bring to our product range FAIR TRADED coffee that comes from smallholder families in the producing countries. Fair Trade coffee is considered to be of particularly high quality because smallholders who rely on coffee as their livelihood are especially invested in taking good care of their plantations. Read more about fairtrade coffee here.

The passion which Imping invests in the development of coffee blends is reflected in the diverse flavors and individual aromas that make each of the coffees unique. All varieties boast the best quality, maximum yields, and a full-bodied aroma.

Enjoy the one series in all circumstances - you can buy these 3 “one” varieties as beans, or capsules for your Nespresso machine. This means you can enjoy your favorite coffee in any method of preparation.

· crema one - This coffee blend is a typical Swiss blend, which stands for the popular Schümli coffee enjoyment. The particularly aromatic highland beans ensure excellent cream formation. The coffee captivates with its rich, round, and balanced aroma with its expressive and pleasantly digestible taste. Medium roast; Intensity - 3/5

· gourmet one -  A top blend (100% Arabica) of selected beans from the highlands of the best coffee-growing regions, which is roasted particularly mildly. It delights with its soft taste and elegant aroma enchants the senses; Intensity – 2/5

· espresso one - This dark roasted premium espresso convinces with its extraordinary individuality. Roasted in the typical Italian way with the necessary calm and care, it develops a strong aroma with an intense and long-lasting taste and a fine golden brown crema. The intensive aroma underlines the unique experience of this medium roast whole beans; Intensity – 4/5

· crema bio fair - Crema Bio Fair is a natural highland coffee with a mild and fully aromatic taste. The use of chemical-synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is avoided during cultivation. Produced in controlled organic cultivation according to the regulations of the EC organic regulation. Fairtrade certified and grown by Fairtrade producers. Total share 100%. Fairtrade conditions enable small farmers and workers in the growing countries to invest in a sustainable future. The precious green coffee is hand-picked by the smallholders and processed on location in the traditional manner before it is refined into delicious organic Bio coffees. Medium roast; Intensity – 3/5

In order to guarantee high quality, Imping only process the finest green coffee blends from the highland harvests of the best cultivation regions on earth. The precise selection of the coffee gives each individual blend its character. All of Imping’s coffees are traditionally hand-roasted in the roasting drum with great care, at low temperatures of 160° to the max. 230° C. During a gentle long roasting process, lasting between 12 and 20 minutes, the coffee beans carefully develop their delicate aroma.

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