Coffee Souq Cleaning Solutions

A coffee machine is one of those staple appliances for us coffee lovers and we always want to achieve that fresh and enticing cup of coffee that welcomes our morning. But, did you know that the quality of the coffee you make is affected by the cleanliness of your machine? Yes! The coffee build-up and the limescale, to name a few, affects the taste and the quality of the coffee, and not just that, yeast and mold may be hiding in the reservoir. So, the health of your coffee machine is just as important as how coffee is in your daily life.

Any coffee machine, from household to commercial, requires care and maintenance to guarantee optimal performance, along with the perfect cup of coffee. It can, however, be lazy figuring out how to best maintain and clean your machine, particularly with there being so many various machines on the market.

Let us discuss some of the coffee machines, their components, and how you can clean them. The simplest is to look at those individual components your coffee machine has, and clean them respectively.

If your machine uses coffee capsules or coffee pods:

Let’s start off with the coffee capsule machine. If your coffee machine uses capsules or pods, it is necessary to clean the brewing spout, chamber, and washer plate of the machine. This can be done by applying a cleaning capsule. Using the cleaning capsule is easy yet effective.

If your coffee machine has a water container:

You will need an eco descaler to remove limescale and calcium deposits from the heating components on the interior, such as the element
and thermo block. The spread of deposits occurs over time and due to the water used and can prevent the performance of your machine.

If your machine has a milk circuit, steam wand, or any added dairy equipment:

Coffee machine components and dairy equipment require a milk system cleaner to prevent and remove milk build-up and blockages. These blockages can eventually lead to machine failure if not attended to. Read more on why you need a milk system cleaner, and how it works.

If your coffee machine has a pre-ground filter chute:

You will need a cleaning tablet to eliminate the dirty coffee oils, odours, residues, and bitter tannins that build up in brewing units, filters, and pots. Through the tablets’ cleaning and degreasing capacities, you can completely clean your machine, and increase its life span.

If your machine has a group head for Manual and Semi-Automatic commercial espresso machines:

Commercial espresso machines and their group heads need an intensive cleaning powder to completely remove old, undesired coffee oils, odours, and tannins from the group heads, valves, and lines. This powder can be used for a routine group head backflush cleaning. Also, to clean filters, trays, and other extra equipment.

When To Clean Your Coffee Machine

If brewing a hot cup of coffee every day is a major part of your daily routine, then knowing when and how to clean your coffee machine is essential to making the best tasting and bacteria-free cup of coffee. It should get a good cleaning about once per month. In that case, Cleaning Kit is your partner. It combines the two crucial cleaning processes: cleaning and descaling in one box.