Introducing WALLY and WHIZ - Gourmet Winegums

The UAE has evolved to be one of the most progressive countries in the world where people from different nationalities across the globe live harmoniously together, making the country a melting pot of cultures. The Coffee Souq is on a mission to spot honest brands from around the world and bring their quality products to our UAE customers. But we understand that with different nationalities and cultures, come different tastes and preferences in everyday things. That’s why our next brand collaboration had to be one, that’s MEANT FOR ALL!

The Dream Of Creating Honest Winegums, Suitable For All

Wally and Whiz is the story about careful danish craftsmanship and a love for winegums. In 2014, Kristian Them Hansens was enjoying a bag of winegums when he realized that he has never had winegums in which he could actually taste the fruit. This sparked his curiosity on whether it would be possible to make winegums with all-natural ingredients and actual taste of fruits, and furthermore without all the nasty elements normally found in winegums. 

From there, the experimentation started in the small apartment in Østerbro, Copenhagen, with a bottle of blackcurrant juice, a bag of vegan starch and a bit of citrus. Months and months of testing and experimentation finally resulted in a reinvention of the classic winegums with honest, delicious, uncompromising tasting experience.


The little apartment quickly got filled up with all kinds of ingredients to develop different flavour combinations, and this is where the dream of creating honest and true winegums started to take shape. In the fall of 2015, Kristian Them Hansens launched his first products in the name of WALLY and WHIZ - vegan, gluten free premium range of the highest quality winegums made from 100% natural fruits, roots and berries.

WALLY and WHIZ Gourmet Winegums are today to be found in more than 30 countries around the world, raising the bar for how great winegums can be.

WALLY and WHIZ now available in the UAE @ The Coffee Souq

WALLY AND WHIZ Gourmet Winegums are undoubtedly a perfect companion to households and gatherings in the UAE as these gourmet sweets can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Regardless of age, regardless of taste preferences, regardless of dietary restrictions, and regardless of religion or cultural preferences. These winegums are halal, vegan, free from artificial colours or flavours, lactose free, gluten free and free from gelatine. Can it get any better? With inspiration from all over the world, these wine gums are handmade and use only clean, fresh and natural ingredients. The Coffee Souq is proud to join hands with Wally and Whiz in challenging conventional sweets and revolutionizing sweets like never before. Shop Wally and Whiz from The Coffee Souq and try out these honest winegums in amazing flavors.