Coffee With A Conscience - Shop Responsibility!

Eco-conscious consumers can now enjoy top quality coffee with maximum convenience and lesser environmental impact. We at The Coffee Souq, believe that our great tasting coffee should not come with a cost to the earth.

That’s why we are investing in pioneering technology, renewable resources and low-energy consumption production to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible. But what actually is the problem with coffee capsules?

What are we doing with it? How are we solving the problem?

Read on to find out!

The lasting problem with most coffee capsules

Coffee capsules are most widely produced in either plastic / aluminum. But did you know that every minute, around 39,000 coffee pods are produced worldwide, among which 29,000 are dumped in landfill sites!

Yes, that right there is the problem with the production of coffee capsules. We are hurting our mother earth just to make our coffee experience easy and convenient. Let us further explain to you how this happens:

  • Not all plastic capsules are made of recyclable plastic like ours. Many plastic capsules in the market are still made of mixed material and are thus non-recyclable. Hence, they directly end up in landfills or are burnt to destroy them.
  • Aluminium capsules, however, as you know are recyclable. But the truth that nobody tells you is that unrecycled aluminium is more harmful to the environment than plastic.

And of the aluminium capsules produced, an estimate of more than 80% aren’t segregated, collected and sent for recycling by the consumers. They go with the general waste and then end up in landfills where they aren’t recycled.

On the other hand, among the 20% that are collected and brought back for recycling, only 88% of the capsule is recoverable. This means that 12% of the capsules is still non-recoverable, and they too end up in landfills or are burnt to destroy.

And the 88% of recoverable aluminium capsules turn non-recyclable after 7-8 rounds and end up being a threat to the environment.

How we solve this issue 

So as you see…plastic or aluminum…the damage to the environment has been going on in a loop. But our love for environment demanded that we close this loop while still continuing to enjoy great coffee in ease & convenience. That’s where BIO-PLASTIC comes in, to close the loop.

Bio-plastics are a large family of materials that are derived from renewable materials. Renewable resources that are known to increase resource efficiency and reduce co2 emissions are extracted to create bioplastic resins which are then used to produce our recyclable plastic capsules with the help of mechanical recycling.

Recycling our capsules is now as easy as ever. Just store them separately after use and hand it over to our delivery staff on your next order delivery, and we take care of the recycling in bulk to make it even more efficient and effective. 

The near future for coffee & The Coffee Souq

If you have noticed, while few of our capsules are made of recyclable plastic, most of our private label capsules are already made of bio-compostable material. Our Golden Collection is all made of bio-compostable capsules and we have already started producing new batches of our Connoisseur Collcetion in bio-compostable capsules. Even the conventional foil lid is replaced with a paper lid, thus making the entire capsule 100% industrial compostable.

And this is what we aim to have all of our capsules made of, in the very near future. Complex biotechnological processes create a new type of compostable capsule that retains the coffee aromas for more than 12 months! These capsules are produced in a certified hydro-powered climate neutral facility.

The bio compostable capsules turn into biomass within 3 months at waste management plants and this biomass is used for new bioplastics , electric energy, heating and transport. Whereas, if left at home… it decomposes within 10 months and turns into fertilizers that nurtures the soil for new life and vegetation. Did you know coffee makes a fantastic natural fertiliser for the garden?

The environment means a lot 

We love the environment as much as we love our coffee, maybe a little more. Which is why we are making all these efforts to have as little negative ecological impact as possible. And you know these extra efforts cost us a lot more time, energy and money. So support us. Try our coffee because we can guarantee you we don’t compromise in quality. Replace the environment-harming capsules with ours.

Spread the word to all the coffee lovers you know. Send us a note of appreciation. Support us in any way possible so we are encouraged and equipped to do our part to create coffee with a conscience, as well as capsules that don’t cost the earth.