Specialty Coffees By Slow Coffee

At The Coffee Souq, we aim to make a difference in the coffee business. This not only means providing innovative products at competitive prices and exceptional service for our customers but also means giving back to the community of coffee producers and enriching their lifes. 
This is why we are on a constant search for brands and products that can help us make a difference. We are happy to announce The Coffee Souq's collaboration with one such brand that aims to produce the world's best coffee, responsibly.


Slow Coffee is a purpose-driven organization and the only one in Costa Rica that goes to the farmers in rural areas of Costa Rica and instead of exploiting them and negotiating the lowest price possible, they co-create a commercial strategy with transparency to maximize the social benefits for them and their communities.


On top of its purpose, Slow Coffee has a mission and is in the name - SLOW and in the slogan - ENJOY LIFE AND CARE FOR OTHERS. Slow Coffee aims to be the catalyzer of good energy that the world desperately needs, and that is the experience that their products offer – enjoying a good cup of coffee peacefully in order to generate genuine well-being, not the illusion of well-being based on busy days and material stuff. The harmony, balance, peace, and ultimate happiness that we all humans aspire comes from the inside. And enjoying a quiet time with a great cup of coffee is immensely helpful to achieve that. The sloth symbolizes the importance of silence, balance, and a peaceful approach to life in general. Sloths live in harmony with others and the world we live in. They are not lazy, but their slow movements are energy efficient.


Coffee has been at the core of Costa Rica’s culture and development since the 1700’s. Costa Rica is very well known for producing the best coffee in the world, only competing with Colombian. And this has to do with how young the land is, the volcanic nature of the ground, the altitude of 1,500 meters of the sea level, and the tropical fresh air that literally connects the Atlantic and the Pacific with all its influences. This land is an energetic center of the world for premium agriculture products. Costa Rican farmers have been producing world-renowned Arabica beans for generations and now we’re shipping it directly to you. No middle-man, no blends, no secrets. – just the Costa Rican farmers’ best coffees roasted fresh, delivered to you.


Every time you drink a cup of coffee you can be sure that it is:

-Premium quality coffee: In order to reach world quality standards, they train their growers and follow up the process to assure fresh high-quality coffee. To keep coffee´s freshness the coffee is roasted just before shipping it and special packaging is used to retain the coffee’s freshness and its properties.

-Specialty coffee: Coffee that scores SCA grade 84+. The Arabica beans are handpicked and sun-dried in patios, the grains go through a very rigorous selection to assure that the roasting will be the most standardized and the taste will always be the same. Specialty coffee has unique taste characteristics and health benefits as well.

-Ethically sourced coffee: Every time you drink a cup of coffee you can be sure that the grower had a real fair treatment and that the coffee is 100% Costa Rican, not blended with other origins.

-Environment-friendly coffee: Slow Coffee only distributes coffee that is part of the NAMA project, which is an association that certifies the farmers comply with best environmental practices to reduce the use of fertilizers, usage of water and energy, emissions and carbon print of the plantations and coffee mill.


Slow Coffee ensures that the coffee is produced, roasted, and packed by the same coffee growers. This enables them to earn over 35 - 50% more than what they earn when they sell their coffee in green beans, with no added value

- Slow Coffee provides training and knowledge to producers so that they may achieve world-class quality in the whole preparation of the coffee. They train them, open their minds and horizon by explaining to them how international commerce works and help them meet the world standards.

- The packing at Slow Coffee is made by hand at the producer´s facilities that employ people from the communities in which they operate.

- Better working conditions where there are no usages of chemicals and has low emission technologies

- Slow Coffee is the only organization that goes to the farmers in rural areas of Costa Rica and instead of exploiting them and negotiating the lowest price possible, they sit down with them and with transparency, co-create a commercial strategy to maximize the social benefits for them and their communities.

“Our costs are rising more and more and sometimes the prices we used to receive weren’t compensating these costs. It is satisfying for me to see a new opportunity for the future that we can have better prices for our coffee through Slow Coffee.” - Miguel Angel Bloanos
56 year old, Don Miguel is an expert grower from Plamares, Costa Rica.

The Coffee Souq hopes to change the history that has been repeated over 200 years where coffee growers are left behind and receive the least out of their effort. We want coffee growers to be the main characters of the coffee chain and that’s how it should be. We wish for the cooperation and support of all the coffee lovers in the region, to make this collaboration a success and give back to the community.

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