MACHINE MAINTENANCE - Is Your Coffee Machine Clean From Bacteria, Yeast & Molds?

As coffee lovers, we know that it is an instinctive quest to get that perfect cup of coffee every time. But there are quite a number of things that can get in the way of that, one of those things being the dirty insides of a coffee machine. Are you aware, that your coffee machine is a breeding ground for bacteria, and old coffee build-up?

I know what you are thinking, descaling right? Well, that only does half the job and only really removes limescale and mineral deposits from the pump, pipes, and the boiler situated at the backside of the machine. Every time you make coffee, there are old coffee oils, tannins, odors, and bacteria that get deposited on the brewing chamber, nozzle, and the spout through which coffee passes. You cannot clean this yourself, not even by descaling your machine.

What happens if I don’t clean my capsule machine?
There are three major concerns when making coffee in a dirty machine. Just not the sort of thing you want to have with your next cup of coffee...

  1. Your machine can break: The excessive build-up inside the brew chamber can lead to slow coffee flow, blockages and machine failures.
  2. Your coffee tastes bad: Old coffee oils and tannins can end up in your next cup, making your coffee taste bitter and stale.
  3. Your health is at risk: You might drink the bacteria that feeds on the hardened coffee oils which could make you sick.

And there is evidence to prove it:

  • Researchers found up to 67 different types of bacteria in single-serve coffee machines.
  • Independent tests reveal bacteria levels are 54 times over the official health act recommendation limit.
  • Swab tests show 4.6 million colonies of bacteria and mold.
    Source: CBS Pittsburgh [], Mail Online / Science & Tech []

Cleaning is now as easy as making a cup of coffee with the Caffenu cleaning capsules. Millions of customers worldwide are waking up to the fact that they need to clean their machines often! And Caffenu® has a simple solution. The cleaning capsule is very easy to use and hygienically flushes out all the unwanted build-up from your machine, leaving you with that crystal-clear water, ensuring your next cup of coffee is perfectly fresh, as it should always be! Insert a cleaning capsule just like a coffee capsule: run, rinse, ready! In just 2 minutes, all old residue and build-up are removed, leaving you with fresh, better-tasting coffee.

So, that begs the question, when last did you give your Nespresso® capsule machine a good clean? There has never been a better time than now.

How often should I use the cleaning capsule?

Use one Caffenu® cleaning capsule after every 30 cups of coffee made, or at least once a month.

The recommended usage might increase if you are using tea, flavored coffee, or hot chocolate capsules in your machine. If you are using the Caffenu® cleaning capsules for the first time on your machine, we recommend that you use 2 capsules to make sure all the build-up is being removed.

But what is inside the capsule that makes it work so well?

The capsule contains a food-safe product formulation that is specifically designed for the coffee industry. It comprises of 3 main ingredients that make a unique blend to clean your machine with the best possible results.

  1. Sodium carbonate which is in fact a similar ingredient to bicarbonate of soda, but sodium carbonate has twice the sodium than bicarbonate of soda. It also has weak disinfectant properties and it is an effective fungicide against some organisms. It is also a great odor remover and works as a mechanical cleanser.
  2. Oxygen based bleaching agent. This ingredient gives the Caffenu® product the unique foaming action as well as its powerful dirt and residue lifting power. This ingredient makes sure that inaccessible areas in your machine are cleaned properly.
  3. Surfactant – this in simple terms is the detergent part of the ingredients. It allows the oils to mix with water which usually does not mix. And works to break down the surface tension of the water.

All of the ingredients lend to each other to make the unique Caffenu® product. Its superior formula allows you to remove all oils, bitter tannins, build-up, and odors that collect in your coffee machine which can affect the taste of your coffee, your health, and the longevity of your machine. All of the raw ingredients inside the Caffenu® cleaning capsule are naturally biodegradable and do not leave any residue in your Nespresso® machine after cleaning, which makes it 100% safe to use. So enjoy your coffee, now fresher than ever before.

Cleanliness and hygiene are now more important than ever. Cleaning is not a maybe. It is a must! This can not only affect the taste of your coffee but more importantly your health. Regular cleaning ensures optimum temperature and prolongs the lifetime of your machine. The most obvious is the great tasting coffee! It’s a win-win all the way! Shop Caffenu Cleaning Capsules to return your coffee machine to its former glory and fall in love with your coffee machine again.