Introducing Fine Flavour Chocolates By CO CHOCOLAT

As the quote by John Q. Tullius declares, “Nine out of ten people love chocolate. The tenth person always lies”. For some, its just the sweet fix, for some the cravings come from an emotional connection. Then, there are those who correlate the joy of eating chocolate to excellence in the quality of food. They are mindful of the whole sensorial journey that comes with experiencing chocolate. This is where fine flavor chocolates come in. The Coffee Souq is proud to bring delicious, healthy, fine chocolates to your doorstep in partnership with Co Chocolat - a brand with purpose!


Fine chocolate is defined in terms of its flavour, texture and appearance, as well as how its limited ingredients, high cocoa and low sugar content are processed. All throughout its processing and manufacturing, fine flavor chocolate is carefully and intricately perfected to get the right flavor, texture, and appearance that the master chocolatier intended for it. Each creation has its own unique and complex flavor determined by the genetics of the cacao plant and the terroir of the regions where the cacao comes from.

The chocolatier also takes the spotlight in the creation of fine flavor chocolates. It is important that the creator is a master not only of the basic techniques of chocolate tempering, developing flavors, and visual artistry but also in handling food safety and proper packaging.


Luchie was working in digital telecoms in Dubai and Iman was an ex-physical therapist who went into the fitness industry, and Mama Irene a retired cook. Their love of chocolates and passion for health & wellness got them looking for truly healthy chocolates in all of their travels. Delicious there were many, but healthy? Not really. So together, with their then-sixty-eight-year-old diabetic mother, traveled to the beautiful island of Mindanao, Philippines to study the main ingredient of chocolate: cacao. They learned how to plant, prune, and harvest from cacao trees and ferment its beans.

Co Chocolat Fine Chocolates
They became cacao doctors in 2016 and started OPM (Overseas Filipinos Supporting Filipino Farmers) - an agricultural social enterprise - an enterprise that supports and educates cacao farmers in the Philippines. Together with other angel investors, they rolled out supporting twenty hectares in mid-2016.

They now have 42 impact investors from the UAE, Philippines, Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, Great Britain, Brazil, and USA all rooting for their farmers and their healthy chocolates.  Together, they created a community with commitment for cocoa farmers and for fine cocoa and started Co Chocolat

Luchie, is now not only the head of the chocolate products but as a true cacao doctor, she also heads post-harvest processing to create community-wide protocols for cacao fermentation, drying and roasting.  She gained the title of Maître Chocolate Maker from Ecole Chocolat (Professional School of Chocolate Arts) after successfully completing chocolate-making from bean to bar in the USA and her chocolate bonbons program at Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in Tain-l'Hermitage, France. Co Chocolat – SOLVING PROBLEMS

The Co Chocolat sisters come from a family with a long history of cardiovascular diseases + diabetes. Mama Irene had two coronary bypasses, several angioplasties, a mild stroke in her early fifties and developed diabetes in her late fifties. She had such an appetite for sugared drinks and sweet chocolates in her younger days. Knowing first-hand the financial and emotional costs of such diseases made them realize “we MUST not make the same mistakes of Mama.”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Health food and drinks are not “luxuries”. We all know the evil of consuming refined sugar and foods that contain much of it, and that includes the (so-called) chocolates in the grocery counters that give us so much comfort. Something so tempting, so delicious. a.k.a. the food of the gods, needed to be attacked with strategy. Co Chocolat is the offspring of this strategy.

So aside from using the hero ingredient cacao from their own social agricultural enterprise, they also use superfood ingredients like fruit, coconut sugar, dates as natural sweeteners, etc. Co Chocolat commits that each bite may either relieve stress, enhance mood, serve as anti-oxidant, boost energy, improve the immune system, be anti-inflammatory, mildly relieve pain, enhance vitality, improve gut flora, or promote heart health.

What sets them apart from other confectioners and chocolate makers is the use of antioxidants, fibers, grains, dates, Moringga, Oleic acid, and other ancient healing ingredients in the recipes. These chocolates are created primarily from a health viewpoint. Co Chocolate products are all-natural, with no preservatives. This explains the short shelf-life and limited production quantity - #fewerbetter – fewer but better ingredients. After all, healthy food is basically simple - including chocolates.

Co Chocolat chocolates are handcrafted in micro batches, so each piece is quite special. The  beans come from small-holding farmers who take pride in their produce. This is why the harvest time and exact area and region where cocoa beans were grown are mentioned - the traceability not only tells you the exact farming community and families you supported when you bought Co Chocolat chocolates, but this also ensures that the cocoa beans from which your chocolates were made are of premium quality.

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