Freshly Roasted Beans For The Perfect Coffee Experience - THE COFFEE SOUQ AROMA COLLECTION

This is any coffee lover's dream: starting the day with a cup of coffee made from the best beans that were freshly roasted! Yes, you asked, and we listened. The Coffee Souq takes immense pleasure to introduce to you, our latest in-house collection: AROMA - Freshly Roasted Fairtrade Beans.

The concept of The Coffee Souq Aroma Collection is to provide you only freshly roasted beans, regardless of when you place the order. We roast them locally in very small batches so you can be assured that you are consuming beans that are at the peak of their freshness and we aim to roast fresh micro-batches of these Fairtrade beans every 3-4 weeks.


It is not in the coffee industry’s interest to educate people about the importance of the timing of roasting due to the focus on increasing profits from mass production. But at The Coffee Souq, we do things differently – we are constantly working on our commitment of enhancing your coffee experience.

Ancient coffee drinking cultures such as in Ethiopia and Middle East, used to store green coffee seeds at home and roast the beans in a pan every few days so they always drink fresh coffee.  In the modern fast-paced world, its always better to leave this process to the roasting experts to make it convenient, save time and to get the best out of your coffee. But as this process got more and more commercialized, fresh roasted coffee became difficult to find due to mass production. Yes, there are special packaging materials and vacuum seal techniques that still retains the freshness of the beans in the packs, and that’s perfectly fine to be consumed too because coffee is like a miracle drug that can last forever in your shelf. But if you are looking for something more from your cup of coffee and are with us in enjoying coffee the best way possible, fresh is always much better!

We believe that providing an option to buy freshly roasted coffee is adding one more link to the quality chain that starts right from picking ripe cherries to the attention to detail during processing to the roasting. Every link in the chain matters and adds to the final cup of coffee that you enjoy at your home. Choosing our freshly roasted coffee, grinding it when you want to consume and using the right brewing technique in the right way completes the final chapter of this amazing story.


100% ARABICA :

Intensity: 3.5/5;  Roast: Medium to slightly dark;  Blend: 100% Arabica
Roasted at medium speed and slightly higher temperature, to retain the aromas and the citrusy tastes to a pleasant level. Not too pungent or aggressive, the flavor is elegant and recalls slight scents of yellow flowers and orange blossoms. The after taste is round and clean, leaving a pleasant toasty sensation.


Intensity: 4/5;  Roast: Medium to slightly dark; Blend: 80% Arabica - 20% Robusta
Roasted at medium speed with medium temperature to eliminate acidity without stressing the beans. The aroma is mellow and embracing, slightly of roast cocoa and spice, with scents of dark chocolate and honey. The aftertaste is persistent with a pleasant hint of maple syrup.

We have priced the AROMA collection at a very affordable & competitive price compared to products of similar standards in the market so we can keep this concept moving, with your support.

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