5 Reasons Why Freshly Roasted Coffee Is Better
Starting your mornings with a cup of joe from freshly roasted beans have far more benefits than you would have thought. The concept of The Coffee Souq Aroma Collection is to provide you only freshly roasted beans, regardless of when you place the order. We roast them locally in very small batches so you can be assured that you are consuming freshly roasted beans. Here are 5 of the many reasons why freshly roasted coffee is always better:

When the coffee beans are freshly roasted, the flavor is much stronger and the subtle tastes of your specific type of bean are more noticeable. The closer to the point of roasting the coffee is consumed, the more intensive and rich the flavor profile.

Reduced risk of arterial diseases & diabetes, improved protection against liver damage, cancer prevention, weight loss, improved digestion...the health benefits of freshly roasted coffee are many. As the beneficial compounds in coffee begin to break down the moment the beans are roasted, so too do the potential health benefits of fresh coffee. The fresher the coffee, the more health benefits.

Aroma represents at least half of the coffee experience. Freshly roasted coffee beans don't smell like coffee. They carry the earthy scent of the beans. The pleasantly intense aroma of fresh-roasted coffee is therapeutic, awakening the senses and triggering endorphins. This is why we have named our collection of freshly roasted beans the AROMA COLLECTION.

Freshly roasted coffee will always be pure without any preservatives in it. So you are getting something straight from nature.

The amount of antioxidants is far more in freshly roasted coffee. This is because freshly roasted beans contain the highest amount of antioxidants.

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